What we do...

The Workforce Success Measures website allows program administrators, county commissioners, and policy makers to continually monitor progress across multiple programs, ensuring better transparency and greater accountability. We have gathered reporting data from the state’s largest workforce programs. The Workforce Success Measures evaluate program efforts to:

  • Find Employment: do program participants find short- and long-term employment?
  • Develop Skills: do programs provide job seekers with access to training that leads to attainment of industry-recognized certificates and credentials?
  • Enhance Wages: do participants achieve an increase in overall earnings?
  • Provide Value to Business: do program participants consistently hold the same job over time?

The Office of Workforce Transformation’s mission is to grow Ohio’s economy by developing a skilled workforce, promoting effective training programs, and connecting Ohio employers with qualified workers. The office has prioritized its work with three strategic goals and a fourth priority that ensures we are measuring our progress. State and local policy makers and stakeholders need to access simple common metrics across multiple programs to better compare the effectiveness of various workforce development programs.